This is the data model for my app, EventIT, which stores data of various aspects of “to be reported” in an event. The below is designed using ponyORM.

Data model

In this data model, a foreign key is set from city_id in events table to id in cities table, id from event_bind to event_id in event_bind table, category in event table to category_name in categories tables


These are the tables I feel required to my webapp to take a good shape.

Category table

Categories table contains three categories like technical, sports, cultural events, restricting others to create random categories.

City table

Cities table is also meant for almost same reason, restricting random city names

Event table

These tables ‘events’, ‘workshop’ is the heart of my app, where all fields like name, time, date, place, image links, categories are embedded.

Workshop table


Auth API + Postman Collection


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