Hasura Local Development setup on Mac

Set local development environment on virtual machine

Follow the instructions given in the ReadMe file.

Issues faced:

fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

One can check if it is a git repository or not using ls -al command, if .git file is present, then it is a git repository. If not present, solve this issue by making a git repository using,

git init

2. If this error comes, it means that a remote directory already exists with that name hasura.

fatal: remote hasura already exists

Solve it by removing the existing hasura and create a new remote hasura to proceed. In this case, our project name is events.

git remote rm hasura
git remote add hasura ssh://hasura@events.c101.hasura.me:2022/~/git/events/

3. Deciding which hasura-git-push-template to be used for maintaining our project git repository. I found that node-js express template is useful for my project.


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