Noise reduction in Reinforcement Learning algorithms


class ActionNoise(object):
def reset(self):


class NormalActionNoise(ActionNoise):
def __init__(self, mu, sigma): = mu
self.sigma = sigma
def __call__(self):
return np.random.normal(, self.sigma)
def __repr__(self):
return 'NormalActionNoise(mu={}, sigma={})'.format(, self.sigma)


class OrnsteinUhlenbeckActionNoise(ActionNoise):
def __init__(self, mu, sigma, theta=.15, dt=1e-2, x0=None):
self.theta = theta = mu
self.sigma = sigma
self.dt = dt
self.x0 = x0
def __call__(self):
x = self.x_prev + self.theta * ( - self.x_prev) *
self.dt + self.sigma * np.sqrt(self.dt) *
self.x_prev = x
return x
def reset(self):
self.x_prev = self.x0 if self.x0 is not None
else np.zeros_like(
def __repr__(self):
return 'OrnsteinUhlenbeckActionNoise(mu={}, sigma={})'.format(, self.sigma)


class AdaptiveParamNoiseSpec(object):
def __init__(self,initial_stddev=0.1,desired_action_stddev=0.1, adoption_coefficient=1.01):
self.initial_stddev = initial_stddev
self.desired_action_stddev = desired_action_stddev
self.adoption_coefficient = adoption_coefficient
self.current_stddev = initial_stddev def adapt(self, distance):
if distance > self.desired_action_stddev:
# Decrease stddev.
self.current_stddev /= self.adoption_coefficient
# Increase stddev.
self.current_stddev *= self.adoption_coefficient
def get_stats(self):
stats = {'param_noise_stddev': self.current_stddev,}
return stats
def __repr__(self):
fmt = 'AdaptiveParamNoiseSpec(initial_stddev={},
desired_action_stddev={}, adoption_coefficient={})'
return fmt.format(self.initial_stddev,
self.desired_action_stddev, self.adoption_coefficient)



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