Third screen displays the details of the event selected.

Step wise approach:

  1. Firstly I templated the html code in js
  2. Fetched data using jquery.
  3. To fetch appropriate data when a particular event from the previous screen 2 is selected, I first used ejs, which failed.
  4. Then, I thought of exporting the modules required, but since variable i sits in and added to inconvenience.
  5. Here I got the idea of query string, and used it to fetch the id of event
  6. Added a new feature which I did not think of previously is comment box.
  7. Later I felt like adding a profile to the user, which took nearly an hour to write.
  8. To satisfy the first stated features, I added organising field for registered users.
  9. Front end code is done along with backend integration

What I could not do yet as promised in the app idea is sending mobile notifications once you book for an event. But I wish to add it very soon.


Changes in Data model


Screen 2 UI + Backend