creating problems

You are reading this, means you know installing and uninstalling python packages using pip. You must have even uninstalled a few packages using pip

pip install package
pip uninstall package
pip3.6 install package
pip3.6 uninstall package

Have you verified if the package is uninstalled?

pip list or pip3.6 list in command line help you to see all your packages. You can also view them going to python3.6 (for python3.6) interpreter and File->path browser->/site-packages or if python2.7, head to


Now, in this path, if you don’t find the package you have deleted, that’s all fine, but if you found it in… Yea, if it remains, this is because packages that use sets up egg-info file. So delete it to uninstall entirely.

This is possible with python2.7

Then, how do you delete egg-info file in python3.6?

Use sudo pip3.6 uninstall package . Note sudo must be used.




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