1. Open cloud shell
  2. Run gcloud config set project [project_id]
  3. Run gcloud compute instances get-serial-port-output instance-1 — zone uscentral1-a
  4. Click on RDP in the console beside External IP
  5. Enter username and password
  6. Install Apache or any service you wanted
  7. Goto nav -> monitoring
  8. It opens stack driver


launch agents

curl -sSO https://dl.google.com/cloudagents/install-monitoring-agent.sh

sudo bash install-monitoring-agent.sh

curl -sSO https://dl.google.com/cloudagents/install-logging-agent.sh

sudo bash install-logging-agent.sh

Stack driver alerts

monitor the network traffic etc..

create dashboard and chart for the activity tracked by stack driver

View logs

GCP logging opens from stack driver logging

check uptime checks